The Geoservices Adventure

1958 - 2010

Created 50 years ago from scratch by four friends from the Ecole Nationale du Pétrole, Geoservices managed to make a name for itself in the very special field of oil services.

These require complete mastery of both field work, often in difficult physical conditions, and of relations with the very powerful multinationals that dominate the oil markets. The leading international position that Geoservices achieved in some fields of drilling and production services bear witness to the outstanding success of this French company.

Founder of Geoservices and sponsor of this book, Gaston Rebilly wanted to make this success known and pay proper tribute to the people who actively contributed to it: “Throughout those 50 years, we worked tirelessly to achieve this result. Thanks to a policy of constantly improving our staff and our techniques, and to the energy and commitment of the people who followed on from us within the company, we have succeeded in raising it to the highest level… For me, the history of Geoservices is essentially that of all the men and women, whether still working or retired, who, along with their families, have made their own personal contribution to its development and have taken part in this great adventure. Far from being an anonymous account, this book aims to talk about them and relate the challenges they took up all over the world”.

The Geoservices Adventure is a box set containing a history book – Serving the oil industry successfully for half a century – and a photo book – A story without borders. To facilitate the distribution of these books among your close friends, a discount of 5% is automatically applied to an order of 3 copies or more.

  • Author: Eric Robert
  • Research : Anne Dalmasso et Eric Robert
  • Graphisme : Jean-Noël Moreira
  • Project steering committee : Gaston and Thomas Rebilly, Olivier Issenmann, Jean-Marc Debaud, Bruno Burban, Paul Geiss, Clara Ruzzene, Keith Ross and Louis Vaissade
  • Publishing date : February 2014
  • Size : 190 x 250 mm
  • History book 288 pages photo book 96 pages
  • 2.2 kg
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